About Us

Owners Daniel Schimpfoessl and John Koehler founded PureField LLC together merging their online talents and expertise into great offerings.

2004 - When it all started

The owners of PureField LLC originally started working together in 2004 building websites during spare time outside of their normal day job. On the side, they helped small companies meet their business goals by leveraging the opportunities available in the online channel at affordable costs. Mostly working for friends, family and referrals, business grew so much that it was time to officially become an LLC in 2008.

2008 - PureField LLC was founded

This was a big year, Daniel Schimpfoessl and John Koehler officially launched their own company with the name PureField LLC. The name PureField is generic in nature because of the many types of online consulting jobs we offer, however, if we tried to explain it, it might go like this: "Pure" for the sheer purity of talent and integrity. "Field" because of all the different online fields offered in expertise. Our goal is to provide excellent services in outstanding quality, support, turn around and value. We believe in having personal relationships with customers and delivering the best solutions for their needs.

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