As the largest domestic supplier of wheat protein in the United States, we decided it was time to expand our facilities to help meet the demand of the rapidly growing wheat protein market.

GOAL: Improve production by 50%

We are happy to announce that work to expand our Russell facility that began in 2020 has been completed!

With the completion of this project, our plant can now process 50% more wheat protein than before.

Wheat protein is an essential ingredient in both the human and pet food industries. Current supply chain challenges and a 5% compound annual growth rate have led to a shortage in wheat protein and our goal is to help fill this gap.

Purefield Plant

Driven by Consumer Demand

The growing need for wheat protein is being fueled by consumer resurgence of traditional bakery and cereal, increased pet adoption and demand for high-protein and plant-based foods. No other protein source offers the same unique binding, rising, stretching and flavor profile properties as wheat protein.

PureField Ingredients prides itself in being ethically sound in the production of its materials. We use every portion of the inbound grain creating our products, including our biproducts, to further reduce our carbon footprint and meet our sustainability goals.


Let us be your local source.


John Keaveney
Vice President, Food Ingredients
[email protected]