During the production of food ingredients, PureField Ingredients captures valuable by-products that are converted into animal nutrition products with high sources of protein and fiber. These high-quality, low-cost products are an alternative to traditional livestock feed.


Wet Distillers Grains (WDGS)

Wet distillers grains are used as a high-protein feedstock for local cattle. PureField Ingredients maintains an exceptional logistics system to distribute WDGS to nearby farmers.

Dry Distillers Grains (DDGs)

Dry distillers grains have a low moisture content, enabling these grains to be transported across the country or exported to a growing international market. They have a shelf life of one year or longer.

Wheat Midds

Wheat midds, those portions of a wheat kernel that are captured during the production of wheat protein, are a good source of protein, fiber and other nutrients. They have higher protein levels than corn and are a valuable addition to food and animal nutrition products.


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