PureField Ingredients produces ethanol with the lowest carbon intensity ratings in the nation. Our clean, high-octane fuel plays an important role in helping our country reduce harmful emissions and lower the cost of gasoline.

High Octane, Low Carbon Biofuels

PureField Ingredients produces more than 50 million gallons of ethanol each year at its biofuels facility in Russell, Kansas. More than half of our ethanol is transported to West Coast markets where low-carbon fuel is in high demand.

The demand for clean, affordable ethanol continues to grow in the United States and around the world. Over 15 billion gallons of ethanol were consumed in the US in 2022, and the market is poised for additional growth. Recent regulations are projected to significantly increase the availability of E15, a high-octane fuel blended with 15 percent ethanol, at gas stations across the country.

Reducing Dependence on Foreign Oil

Thanks to the growth of the ethanol market, the United States has significantly reduced the amount of petroleum it imports from other countries. Since the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) was enacted in 2005, U.S. oil imports have been cut in half and net imports have dropped by more than 70 percent. Ethanol currently meets more than 10 percent of America’s motor fuel needs.

PureField Ingredients is proud to play a role in this effort. Every truckload of ethanol we produce displaces more than 60 barrels of imported oil. The impact: the biofuels we produce displace nearly two million barrels of crude oil each year.

About Ethanol


Made From Renewable Resources

Ethanol is a clean, renewable and high-performing biofuel made primarily from corn and sorghum. It burns cleaner and cooler than traditional gasoline.

Lowering Fuel Costs

Virtually every gallon of U.S. gasoline today contains at least 10% ethanol, and gasoline mixed with higher percentages of ethanol is becoming more common. The Environmental Protection Agency has announced new regulations allowing for the sale of E15, a fuel blended with 15 percent ethanol, throughout the year.

Reducing Harmful Emissions

Ethanol reduces greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 50% when compared to gasoline. It is responsible for removing the carbon equivalent of 20 million cars from the road.

About Biofuels


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