As America’s most trusted and reliable brand of wheat protein, PureField Ingredients delivers quality and consistency. Products are sold direct to leading consumer food and pet food companies.

Heartland Wheat Protein

Heartland is a wheat protein produced right here in the USA from Hard Red Winter wheat procured from Kansas farmers with unmatched quality. Protein is washed from the flour and dried in a controlled environment to produce a consistent, natural product. Our ingredients range from 75% protein levels to our most concentrated 90% protein, ensuring we have the right product for your application.

Pure Ingredients, Clean Labels

There’s a growing emphasis on clean labels with natural ingredients – products derived from pure, identifiable, non-synthetic ingredients. Heartland Vital Wheat Gluten, made from high quality Midwest grains, is exactly the type of natural food ingredient that today’s consumers demand.

Made in America

PureField Ingredients produces more than half of all wheat protein made in America. Each year, the United States imports 500+ million pounds of wheat protein from Europe, China, Australia and elsewhere. When it comes to food safety, quality, and traceability, you can trust Heartland wheat protein.

Located in the Heartland

Our convenient location in the Midwest means fast and reliable deliveries for consumer food and pet food manufacturers. Our Kansas food ingredients facility, located in close proximity to major food suppliers, is less susceptible to distribution challenges that can disrupt the global import market.

A Growing Market

The U.S. market for wheat protein is projected to continue experiencing steady growth. This growth is being fueled by consumer demand for high-protein and plant-based foods, including a wide range of bakery, cereal, and alternative meat products. There are very few protein sources that offer the same unique binding and rising properties as wheat protein.

The premium pet food market represents another growth area for PureField Ingredients as pet owners become increasingly concerned with the quality and traceability of pet food ingredients.

About Wheat Protein


A Value-Add Ingredient

Heartland wheat protein is an essential value-add ingredient in a variety of consumer food, pet food and aquaculture products. It is a cost-effective and nutritional source of protein.

A Natural Protein

Heartland wheat protein is a natural ingredient that provides superior elasticity and binding properties for packaged good and pet foods. It improves taste and texture, enhances nutritional values and extends the shelf life of products.

The Healthy Appeal of Wheat Protein

Heartland wheat protein can be used to create vegetarian meat substitutes. The high protein levels and superior binding properties make plant-based protein an appealing alternative for these products.


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