When this facility began producing biofuels in 2001, it was the first new ethanol plant in the nation designed and built by industry leaders ICM and Fagen. Since then, strategic investments have reduced production bottlenecks and nearly doubled the facility’s permitted production capacity. It is one of the nation’s most cost-efficient ethanol facilities.”

Permitted Capacity

million gallons per year

PureField Ingredients transports more than

of its biofuels to West Coast markets where clean, low carbon fuel is in high demand.

A Focus on Efficiency

Over half of the biofuels produced here are made using starch by-products from the adjacent food ingredients facility. These starches allow us to simultaneously increase production and lower costs.

Low Carbon Intensity Ratings

The California Air Resource Board (CARB) has awarded this facility the industry’s lowest carbon intensity ratings. We are proud to produce clean, low carbon fuels that are valued by customers.

A Beneficial Partnership

PureField Ingredients takes advantage of synergies that exist between its two adjacent manufacturing facilities. The food ingredients facility generates starch by-products that are used to create valuable co-products. The starches are automatically pumped to the adjacent facility where they are blended with sorghum, corn and other feedstock sources to produce low-carbon ethanol. The synergies result in improved efficiency and lower costs at both facilities.