PureField Ingredients, one of America’s most trusted providers of food ingredients, biofuels and animal nutrition, has been declared an essential business and is keeping its manufacturing facilities in Russell, Kansas fully operational during this national pandemic.

The company is the nation’s largest producer of wheat protein, a vital ingredient found in thousands of popular food products.   

“We are seeing a growing demand for wheat protein and are committed to providing ingredients that will help America keep its grocery shelves well stocked,” said John Keaveney, vice president of food ingredients. “We have an incredible team of dedicated employees who are proud to do their part to keep our manufacturing facilities up and running.”

PureField Ingredients sells wheat protein under the Heartland brand name and has sales agreements with many of the most iconic names in the food industry.

The United States imports the vast majority of the wheat protein it consumes. Domestic manufacturers such as PureField Ingredients enable the traceability of its ingredients and provide reliable deliveries without the logistical challenges and potential supply chain disruptions that international companies face.