As the nation continues its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, PureField Ingredients is helping meet the sharply increased demand for hand sanitizer. The company has adapted its manufacturing process so it can supply high-proof alcohol — the primary ingredient in hand sanitizer — to a number of suppliers across the United States. 

Federal health officials have declared that frequently washing your hands is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of the virus. Leading manufacturers have pointed to a shortage of high-proof alcohol as one of the greatest challenges in ramping up production of hand sanitizer.

“This is a time in our country that calls for all hands on deck. PureField Ingredients is committed to providing substantial amounts of high-proof alcohol to companies who are producing hand sanitizer,” said CEO Greg Thompson. “Our employees are proud to help meet the nation’s demand for more hand sanitizer products.”

PureField Ingredients operates a state-of-the-art facility in Russell, Kansas that produces more than 50 million gallons of alcohol each year. The high-proof alcohol is converted into distilled spirits or clean burning fuels such as ethanol. The alcohol and biofuels produced by PureField Ingredients are recognized as having one of the lowest carbon intensity ratings in the nation.

As the nation’s largest producer of wheat protein, a vital ingredient found in thousands of popular food products, PureField Ingredients is also helping keep America’s grocery shelves well stocked during this pandemic and beyond.