PureField Ingredients Food Safety

Excellent inspection ratings reflect PureField Ingredients’ commitment to safe, quality food ingredients

For the third consecutive year, the Safe Quality Food Institute has awarded PureField Ingredients’ food ingredients facility with an inspection rating of 99 or higher. The rating reflects the company’s strong commitment to producing safe, quality food ingredients in the United States.

PureField Ingredients, one of America’s most trusted providers of food ingredients, must pass annual, unannounced audits to certify that it meets SQF’s high standards for facilities that produce food and food ingredients. This year’s 99 rating follows a perfect rating of 100 last year at the company’s Russell, Kansas facility.

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PureField Ingredients intensifies focus on product development and innovation with new management position dedicated to customer experience

PureField Ingredients has hired a new manager focused on product development and innovation. The position reflects PureField Ingredients continued investment in expanding its portfolio of food ingredients and enhancing customer relationships.

Dawn Crampton joined PureField Ingredients in January 2021 as a Product Development & Innovation Manager. Her responsibilities include competitive analysis, product positioning, and expanding into new market segments. She will also focus on engaging directly with customers.

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Largest American manufacturer of wheat protein is expanding production by 50 percent

PureField Ingredients, one of America’s most trusted providers of food ingredients, is expanding its production of wheat protein by 50 percent. The company is already the nation’s largest domestic supplier of wheat protein.

“We’re seeing tremendous demand from food manufacturers want safe, affordable and high-quality wheat protein. By significantly increasing our capacity to produce local, traceable and sustainable wheat protein, PureField Ingredients is well-positioned to meet this growing market demand,” said Greg Thompson, CEO of PureField Ingredients.

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Supporting the fight against COVID-19: PureField Ingredients provides alcohol for use in hand sanitizer

As the nation continues its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, PureField Ingredients is helping meet the sharply increased demand for hand sanitizer. The company has adapted its manufacturing process so it can supply high-proof alcohol — the primary ingredient in hand sanitizer — to a number of suppliers across the United States.

“This is a time in our country that calls for all hands on deck. PureField Ingredients is committed to providing substantial amounts of high-proof alcohol to companies who are producing hand sanitizer,” said CEO Greg Thompson. “Our employees are proud to help meet the nation’s demand for more hand sanitizer products.”

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PureField Ingredients declared an essential business, continues operations to support America’s food supply

PureField Ingredients has been declared an essential business and is keeping its manufacturing facilities in Russell, Kansas fully operational during this national pandemic.

“We are seeing a growing demand for wheat protein and are committed to providing ingredients that will help America keep its grocery shelves well stocked,” said John Keaveney, vice president of food ingredients. “We have an incredible team of dedicated employees who are proud to do their part to keep our manufacturing facilities up and running.”

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PureField Ingredients Food Safety

PureField Ingredients’ Food Ingredients Facility Receives Perfect SQF Score

PureField Ingredients recently demonstrated exactly why it is one of America’s most trusted providers of food ingredients, earning a perfect 100 rating from the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Institute during an unannounced audit of its food ingredients facility in Russell, Kansas.

“What an incredible testament to our employees and their commitment to producing safe food ingredients. This accomplishment places PureField Ingredients in an elite group of premier food companies,” said PureField CEO Greg Thompson. “We’ve worked hard to instill a culture that places a premium on food safety and employee safety, and this shows that the PureField team is living those principles every day.”

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Ethanol industry gets boost from EPA decision to lift E15 restrictions

The U.S. ethanol industry is celebrating a decision by the Environmental Protection Agency to lift a summertime ban on the use of E15, a fuel blended with 15 percent ethanol. The EPA’s action allows the sale of E15 fuel throughout the year.

“This is an important milestone for the ethanol industry that should significantly increase the amount of ethanol blended into gasoline. As a result, it will help us further reduce emissions and lower prices at the pump,” said Greg Thompson, PureField Ingredients CEO.

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